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Attendance Policy

Parents or Guardians: If you are calling your student out of school due to illness, please briefly detail symptoms of illness on the attendance line or email If any of the symptoms described are in the daily attestation, refer to the COVID Decision Tree for next steps.  If you choose not to leave illness details, you will receive a call from the attendance office asking for more information.  It is our responsibility to maintain the health and safety of our school community and we ask for your cooperation.  Your student's private health information will not be shared beyond administrative or nursing staff.

Please email or call 479-7798 before 9am to report your student's absence.  AR 5113 states that all absences which are not cleared within two days after a student's return to school shall be recorded as unexcused (cut). 


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ONLINE ATTENDANCE POLICY (effective September 7, 2020)

Parents, for your children to be successful in their classes and to learn at their highest potential, they must attend class promptly and consistently.  Of course, if your family is experiencing WiFi issues, we take that into consideration.  Our school district has distributed hundreds of Chromebooks and hot spots.  We are learning that students who are using their cell phones solely as their devices, experience issues.  Please request a device at  We want your children at school, with us.  If they are tardy, please have them check in with the teacher.

  • Students should be logged in and entered into the class Meet or Zoom meeting within three minutes of the scheduled start time for that class.
  • Students should keep their camera on as instructed by the teacher so that the teacher knows that they are participating.
  • If students are working independently and their camera is off, we ask that they have a photo of them as their icon.  This will help teachers get to know their students by their names and faces.  This is a goal of all teachers.
  • Students should respond when the teacher calls on them, either by unmuting their microphone or typing in the chat.
  • Students should be paying attention and following the teacher's directions.

Students who are not on time to class, but still do attend most of class and participate may be marked as tardy.

Students who do not join the class Meet or Zoom OR join the class but do not participate and are not responsive to a teacher's attempts to ask for their participation may be marked as absent.

If a student has been marked tardy or absent, parents and/or guardians may call the attendance office to excuse the absence or tardy. 

TARDIES - We will count tardies toward discipline unless excused due to confirmed WiFi issues. Admin will reach out to students who have several tardies.

ABSENCES AND CUTS - If a student is unresponsive after three attempts to contact or if they sign off more than 10 minutes early, they can be marked absent.  Parents will have the opportunity to clear the absence, but if they cannot, it will turn into a cut.

PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE - 1-3 tardies will be documented, 4-6 tardies will have an Admin check in, 7+ tardies receive a PV "virtual detention".



When students are absent from school, they miss out on the whole educational experience of direct instruction and interaction with texts, other materials and classmates. Furthermore, when students are absent (excused or unexcused), Pine Valley loses much needed funding. Medical or dentist appointments, funerals, religious holidays and illnesses are the only legally excused absences. Parents are urged to use discretion in excusing their students from school. The average number of absences per year in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District is less than ten per student. Absences for reasons other than those listed above are unexcused. Please note that any absence (excused or unexcused) counts against perfect attendance. To cut down on excessive absences, we ask your support in arranging medical and dental appointments for after school or on student release days. Please do not excuse students for these reasons: 1) being unprepared for a test or project, 2) going on vacation, or 3) visiting with friends or relatives. These absences are unexcused, and parents will receive a truancy letter if they exceed 6 days in a school year.


If a student does not attend class and no valid reason is given, the absence will be classified as a “cut” and will be dealt with in the following manner: First Offense: Referred to an assistant principal. A parent will be notified and the student will be assigned Detention. Second Offense: The student will be referred to an assistant principal. An after-school student/parent conference will be arranged, and the student will again be assigned Detention.


Continued unexcused absences not verified by a doctor note or a Chronic Illness Form will result in the student being classified as an habitual truant, which will necessitate a referral to the School Attendance Review Board.


It is important to remember to update student emergency information at the beginning of every school year when doing the Annual Update. Please use the Parent Portal to fulfill this responsibility.



Since we always make student safety our priority, if your child’s absence is not confirmed each day by 9:30 A.M., parents will receive an automated email from the District and a phone call from Pine Valley shortly after 10 A.M. Absences still unverified at the end of the day will receive a follow-up email and automated phone call after 6:00 P.M. that evening. Please contact the Pine Valley Attendance Line if you get this message.


In accordance with State guidelines, it is the responsibility of the parent to verify all absences, including absences for part of the day. Parents are asked to call the special attendance number (479-7798) before 9:30 A.M. each day his/her student is absent, giving the following information:

  1. Name of Student
  2. Grade
  3. Date(s) of the Absence
  4. Reason for the Absence
  5. Parent/Guardian Name

For a full explanation of district policy on attendance, please see the Annual Parent Information Packet (APIP) on the district website.


PLEASE NOTE:  The office must have prior notification by a parent/guardian if a student is to be released to any other adult 18 or older. Valid identification must be presented before students will be released.  It is important to update the student emergency contact information at the beginning of every school year when completing the Annual Update using the Parent Portal.



In the event of an extended absence (minimum of 5 school days), parents may request an Independent Study Contract in writing at least 7 days prior to the student’s absence. Contracts for 10-20 days must have the principal’s approval, and no contracts may exceed 20 days. Students pick up their class assignments from the office the day before their absence begins, and turn in all completed assignments to their teachers on the documented date of their return. If the assignments are not completed and submitted to the teachers on that date, students will not receive full credit for those assignments, their absence will be coded as unexcused, and they may possibly be refused future Independent Study Contracts. See the Attendance Secretary for details.  



Students are expected to be in class on time and ready to begin work when the bell rings. The only valid excuses for a tardy are those previously noted: doctor or dentist appointments, funerals, religious holidays and illnesses. Students are not excused for oversleeping, a missed ride, or car trouble.  The sixth unexcused tardy that a student accumulates for a given class will result in a referral to the assistant principal, school detention may be assigned and the parents will be notified. If the pattern continues, the student may be assigned other corrective measures.


Students that are tardy or absent for 30 minutes or more without a valid excuse on 12 occasions during a school year will receive a truancy letter from the district.



Call the Pine Valley Attendance Office before 9:30 A. M. if you know your student will be late for school. If you do not call, students coming directly to school from early appointments must bring a note when signing in with the Attendance Secretary. All late students must sign in and get an admit slip to class if they are more than 10 minutes late, and any tardy over 30 minutes, regardless of the reason, must be parent verified.



Students are required to obtain a “Permission to Leave Grounds” slip from the Attendance Secretary the day a student needs to leave school. A parent/guardian must either sign the student out of the main office or call the Attendance Secretary. No student will be released unless the parent/guardian has notified the Attendance Office and the parent/guardian has been verified.  If the student returns to school on the same day, they must sign in at the office and receive a pass to return to class.  Once again, it is very important to keep the student's emergency contact information current.



Like all middle schools in our district, Pine Valley is a closed campus. This means that students are expected to remain on campus during the entire school day, and no students may leave our campus without special permission from the office. Our students are expected to observe the same policy at our neighboring schools. Students are not to go on to the campuses of our neighboring schools without first getting permission from the school office. Also, as a closed campus, no other students are permitted to visit. 


As you plan your summer vacation, be aware that school begins on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. Some of our school are very full and may have wait lists.

  • If your child does not attend the first three days of school, your student may lose their space at your resident school site and be diverted to another school.  If there is not space at your resident school when you return, your child will be placed at the closest school based on space availability.
  • If you know your student will be missing the first three days, or more, of school please send an email to the principal and attendance secretary at your school site.