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Discipline Policy


Discipline Guidelines Chart (PDF)

In accordance with the Governing Board, our goal is to support our students’ emotional development in the areas of self-discipline and personal responsibility.  When a student is involved in some form of misbehavior, the school staff will carefully review the incident and take into account the student’s record. The staff will make every effort to use progressive discipline strategies and to enforce disciplinary rules fairly and consistently. The goal of any disciplinary consequence is improved behavior. Failure to improve will result in stronger consequences.  Sanctions for misbehavior may include lunchtime litter duty, after-school or lunch detention, suspension, or expulsion from school.


Any offense or combination of offenses may lead to expulsion or transfer to another school if other means of correction fail to bring about a change in behavior or if the student’s presence on campus constitutes a danger to others.  Standards for student behavior apply to school hours, to school-sponsored events on or off campus, and to incidents which may occur on the way to or from school. (APIP)



Students are expected to treat each other and all adults with respect. They are not permitted to   demean, tease, ridicule, or intimidate others by words, actions, or through sexual harassment. Signs are posted throughout the school to reinforce these expectations. In addition:

  1. Students are required to keep their hands and feet to themselves and to use appropriate language.
  2. Anything that distracts from the learning environment is not permitted at school.
  3. Spitting is unsanitary, presents a health hazard, and is unsightly.  It is not permitted.
  4. Bartering is not permitted at school.  No items may be bought, sold or traded on campus.
  5. Students may not ask for or borrow money.
  6. Gum chewing is not permitted before, during, or after school on campus.
  7. Students must speak respectfully and appropriately on campus. Rumors, gossip, bullying, and name-calling are not permitted.
  8. Clothing must be appropriate for school.  For specific guidelines, see “Dress Code” in this handbook.
  9. The following items are not allowed at school and will be removed from students and returned to parents.
  • Electronic devices such as radios, cameras, MP3 players, iPods, and video cameras
  • Any items which constitute a potential weapon such as chains, nunchuks, studded jewelry, etc.
  • Laser pens and shocking devices
  • Hair sprays or other personal grooming sprays
  • “Slam books” or written journals of a personal nature which are intended to record either individual or multiple opinions of people or events