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Meeting Dates

2021-22 Meetings

Meetings will be held in the school library.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  We hope to see you there!

September 15 - 6:30pm 
November 17 - 6:30pm January 12 - 6:30pm 
March 9 - 6:30pm
May 11 - 6:30pm 

Amazon SMILE

Have heard about the Amazon Smile campaign? If you haven’t already set this up, it’s simple and earns Pine Valley Education Fund an extra 5% for each purchase. The first time you use our Smile Amazon Associates link, you will be asked to select a charity. Simply select “Pine Valley Education Fund”. That way, every time you purchase something from Amazon, a donation is made to our school. It's as easy as that!

amazon smile

Pine Valley Education Fund Locker
8/26/19 9:27 AM

Your Money In Action

Why your donation is so important

The Pine Valley Ed Fund is a non-profit organization, run by a board of volunteer parents dedicated to raising funds to help maintain and enhance the quality of education at Pine Valley. 

The PVEF has three main purposes:


  • Class Size Reduction: We reduce the average number of students in academic core classes by paying for additional class section.
  • Technology: Based on input from parents, staff and Site Council, PVEF provides devices that allow our students to research, create, learn and thrive in a technology-based society.
  • Staff Grants: Innovative teaching often requires additional expenses and resources. Providing this funding enables our teachers to further develop the skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving


Every donation counts and is tax deductible. Even if you are not able to make the full donation amount, we will happily accept donations in any amount. We also have payment plans that help you break your donation down into manageable amounts.


Make a donation for the 2021/22 School Year

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your continued support!


TAX ID# 20-0030511


San Ramon Ed Fund

Pine Valley Ed Fund is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation. For more information, visit